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Aged between 8 & 18 and learning to play or sing? Or have you always wanted to give music a try? 

Big changes are coming to our Academy project! Having run our Saturday sessions for eight years now, it's time for something different.  

As a group we love providing young people with musical experiences and education; a place to sing, play instruments, have fun and make friends. We've always encouraged families at our concerts by way of free entry for under 18s, and are committed to helping the next generation of musicians in any way we can.

We'll soon be offering access to local private teachers at subsidised rates, low-cost instrument hire (whether or not you learn with us) and school holiday events for all young people who want to try or already love making music. 

We're grateful to the generosity of our local community and grants from Nottinghamshire County Council and the Kynan Eldridge Trust, which enable us to offer these experiences.


If you'd like more information, please do get in contact


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